The Cadillac Kind is a very, very funny, understated, essentially Canadian road book.
Under the influence of one-too-many glasses of home-made wine, Edith, a fortyish copywriter for the Sears catalogue, promises to drive her mother, Dixie, to Coolish, Manitoba, to celebrate the 65th birthday of Mom's hockey-playing older sister.
But before they've even left the smoggy city of Vancouver behind, Dixie has hit on a travelling cheese salesman in a motorhome. By the time they cross into Alberta, Dixie and the salesman know each other very well, and once into the Prairies, they visit his two sons, one a cross-dressing rancher, the other a used car salesman with the world's smallest Mercedes dealership. On the open road, mother and daughter-verbally sparring all the way-continue to encounter a selection of odd-ball characters like the potty-mouthed hitchhiker Charleen, the two maiden aunts in Calgary who have divided their shared home into hers and hers, and a musician with one blue eye, one green.
The Cadillac Kind was published by Polestar Press (now Raincoast Books) in 1996. It was then serialized and broadcast on CBC radio's Between the Covers in January 2000 and again in June 2001. And now it is finally available as a download!
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The Cadillac Kind by Maureen Foss
"A hilarious, insightful, picaresque road trip that taps into the comedy inherent in the tensions of mother-daughter relationships." Letters in Canada.
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